2021 Calendar in Excel

Meetings, events, arrangements, classes, pending tasks, deliveries…Your day to day life in both a working and non-working context without order will eventually lead to chaos. If you like organising your meetings, your hangouts, your holiday periods or whatever type of event you need, then Excel calendar templates are for you.

What is in the template of the 2021 Excel Calendar?

Want to program and plan surgically every month, week and day in 2021? Discover the blank 2021 calendar to organise, fill and include the most important data of your personal and working agenda.

The Excel calendar does not include the holiday days or bank holidays, but those can be added easily by obtaining the holiday calendar. You can also download your working day calendar to include working days.

The 2021 Excel calendar is simply a blank calendar to complete the information that you want and organise your time based on the year, week and

This Excel template is divided principally between 3 types of calculation sheets :

  • Annual calendar : this part of the template is perfect to make long scale,
  • weekly calendar: in this case you want to
  • Monthly calendar for the 12 months : In each calendar you can register your short to long term plans

Download for free the blank calendar for 2021 in Excel

If you want to organise the year successfully and not forget a single detail don’t hesitate to acquire the blank calendar for this year and complete it with your personal information or your work schedule. That way you will never miss a meeting or appointment again!

If you prefer to have a better detail of the days you can also download the weekly schedule for hours in Excel where you can allocate much more time and manage your weekly meetings better.