Excel Agenda Template

Excel agenda templates allow us to organise each day, taking control of events and meetings that you will have and calculating them so you are never overbooked! To create an agenda in Excel, you can can create one yourself or search for a template to download that you can easily personalise.

How to create an agenda in Excel

If we want to create a 2016 agenda in Excel the first things to sort out are the settings for time and date. With this, you can begin to set up appointments for any day of the upcoming year. By simply dragging each event, you can begin organising each day in the spreadsheet. It is also useful to include in the Excel template additional boxes for more than one appointment on each day.

Sample agenda template in Excel

Before creating or downloading a template, it is recommended to decide what type of diary format will best suit your needs. Excel diaries serve to plan meetings and events by year, week or day. You might find that an Excel calendar can be used as a diary depending on your needs or at least they help as a start to creating your own weekly or monthly diary.

Download an Excel agenda

Download a free agenda template for Excel with several options to help you get started. Divided by separate spreadsheets, begin organising your year from the date that you wish and continue adapting the diary for years to come.

Agenda template to download for Excel

This agenda sample for Excel allows you to choose the start date and organise your year that you can reuse and adapt in the future. Start managing your time better! SImply input your own dates, tasks and meetings.