Excel Bank Reconciliation Template

Excel templates designed for bank reconciliations allow you to register and control any movement of capital that you make with the bank, whether that be capital entering or leaving an account. This Excel bank reconciliation template is a very useful tool for assisting with accounting tasks.

Format of a bank reconciliation in Excel

Not everyone understands how to create a bank reconciliation file in Excel which is why various downloadable Excel templates exist online. It may be that the format for an Excel bank reconciliation will vary slightly in design but the basic structure will contain the same mathematical functions and trigonometry, meaning that the financial functions input into the spreadsheet are fundamental. Some of the essential elements for an Excel bank reconciliation template are:

  • Business
  • Bank
  • Ledger account and balance
  • Current account
  • Date
  • Balance summary
  • Bank payments and collections (non-accounting)
  • Account payments and collections (non-bank)

Excel bank reconciliation template to download

There are many free templates for Excel bank reconciliations, a great example can be seen below. Download the bank reconciliation template for free and you can gain control over the banking of your company without any problems!

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Excel bank reconciliation template

This sample for an Excel bank reconciliation allows you to manage incoming and outgoing finances through spreadsheet data input.