Client Database Excel Template

The management of clients can be complicated if you don’t structure it in the correct way and not use the required tools. If ever you’ve had to record clients by hand using a pen and paper, you will know exactly what we are talking about. You’re in luck though, because we have Excel templates that can be your new best friend in Client Database management. Thanks to Excel you can engage in an assured management of your client database without compromising important informacion. For this we recommend using the database of clients in Excel.

Reasons for using the Client Database Excel Template

Many businesses count on a Client Database. The data acquired in them can be incredibly useful for the billing, marketing tasks or the mailing or contact of clients. If you decide to create a new database of clients from scratch, all the traditional related tasks with them will be much easier.

The Excel templates for client databases allows you to aggregate the information in an orderly manner thanks to the Excel spreadsheets. This way, all the information stays in the same place for you to access whenever required.

An Excel database is a series of tables represented on a spreadsheet, that allow the organisation and linking up of data of interest thanks to Excel functions. These formulas allow you to apply filters, combine data and search for the relevant information you need in a very fast way.

Download Client Database Excel Template


If you need an Excel Template for your Client Database, don’t hesitate to download this one. For that, click the the download button. Once the file is downloaded to your device, you will only have to open it and input the required information about the clientele of your business. Your database will then be complete.

Premium Template Generation Database


Generate your databases in the simplest of ways possible with Excel. This Premium Excel template has a navigation menu and pop up windows with which you can easily configure the data, update the database and administer it. You can also add or remove filters and delete the database when you wish at the click of a button. Download the Excel template and create your database.

Premium Excel template Telephone Agenda


Discover this practical Excel template with which you can create a complete telephone directory. With this you can save time in your daily tasks. In the same Excel template you will be able to register all your contacts, personal or business alike. You can consult them separately. You will be able to input the name, company, job title, telephone number, e-mail, fax, social media and complete address of all your contacts and have rapid access to theirs.
With this Excel template no more minutes wasted looking for someone’s contact details.

Template Excel Client Database