Excel contact list template

The Excel contact list templates allow us to gather and search for contacts in an organised and easy way. This way, Excel templates not only allow us to have a schedule in Excel but to also gather contact details.

Elements of a phonebook spreadsheet

The spreadsheet phonebook allows us to generate a database for all contacts, so we must take into account the database functions of Excel. In addition, the spreadsheet allows us to generate a browser connected to the database. This Excel template is very useful for having a customer phonebook in an organised and clear way. Among the features you can find:

  • Name and last name
  • Date
  • Address
  • Preferred telephone number
  • Mobile number
  • Work number
  • Work extension
  • Email
  • Notes

Download Excel contact list template

Below you can download the Excel contact list template for free which will allow you to save and manage your contacts in a quick and organised manner.

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Download Excel contact list template

This Excel contact schedule includes a database so you can add telephone numbers and contact information together with a browser to find contacts in an easy way.