Excel Customer Relationship Management Template

With time, Excel templates to download have become the best ally when looking after business procedures. Thanks to Excel functions offered within spreadsheets, we have the opportunity to establish exhaustive control over the activity of our clients as part of customer relationship management in order to offer them the best.

How to create a customer relationship management sheet in Excel

Using an Excel template for customer relationship management is a great tool to guard client activity of existing clients and potential clients. The process is very simple as Excel covers all the bases and all you have to do is fill in the boxes following these steps:

  • Start date of contact
  • Personal data (always confidential)
  • Client status and their performance activity
  • Level of proposals and acquisitions

Also, using separate comments you can indicate any additional dates of interest that helps to maintain a good relationship for the client and company.

Free Excel template for customer relationship management

Below you will find an Excel template available for free download for you to fill in and evaluate your customer relationships. Don’t wait any longer, start organising your business relationships today!

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Excel template for CRM

Use this Excel spreadsheet to follow client relationships and keep in order your company’s customers. Learn how to organise client databases in Excel with the help of this free spreadsheet.