Excel Database Template

Excel templates for creating databases are a great way for updating information in an organised manner using the spreadsheets in Excel. It allows you to bring together all the information you need in a clear and organised way to use when you need.

What is an Excel database?

Excel databases consist of a series of tables with columns and rows that are distributed by spreadsheets through the functions in Excel and allow you to organise and connect the data you need.

Examples of Excel databases

If you are unsure how to create an Excel database, the best way to do so is by transferring the data to an Excel template that you can download. Databases are useful for collecting any type of information, from people to products, which is why there are so many diverse models of Excel databases. Some of the available Excel databases include:

  • Excel databases for invoices
  • Excel databases for sales
  • Excel databases for inventory
  • Excel databases for clients

Free Excel databases for download

You can design your own database in Excel or download one of our Excel templates, ready for use. There are many free Excel databases with pre-designed spreadsheets, such as the one that you can download below, where the settings have been completed in Excel and all you have to do is fill in the cells with your own data.

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Template Premium DataBase Generation

Generate your databases as easily as possible with Excel! This premium Excel template contains a navigation menu so you can enter all the information you need quickly and easily. It contains a navigation menu with which you can configure the information, update the database, manage it, put and remove filters and delete the entire database when you want just pressing a button. Download the Excel template and create your database!More info

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Excel Database Template

This Excel template for creating a database allows you to save and manage information easily and simply.