Excel project management template

Thanks to these Excel templates, we have the opportunity to organise and manage tasks. This is one of the many functions of Excel. Therefore, over time spreadsheets have become our best ally for project monitoring and control of our business procedures.

How to manage project monitoring in Excel

The process is very simple. Templates act as a database in Excel that help us to gather information from our work. Therefore, the Excel template for project monitoring is useful because it helps us evaluate the activities step by step. How? Fill in data based on:

  • Pending tasks.
  • Estimated duration of each action and what will be developed in each.
  • Start date.
  • Final date.

In addition, you can support your other projects by consulting the Excel business plan template, which will help you to take care of your other business projects.

Free Excel project management template

Below you can download a free template for you to adapt to your needs. Make the most of this template and start to evaluate your management projects with help from Excel.

Excel project management template

With this Excel project management template you have the opportunity to exercise control of your activities in the company. Manage and organise all your projects with the help of this free spreadsheet.