Excel Template for Academic Grades

Excel templates are easily adaptable for whatever need. They are generally seen as the best tools to manage and analyze data in an organised and aesthetic fashion. One of the most commonly used function of Excel is sheets for grading. They help observe the evolution of the students’ grades. This is due to the multiple functions in Excel and with the passing of time these have been able to become great assets for professors.

Why use Excel to track the student’s grades?

At the end of the course, the data that can be obtained about a student is vast, especially if the teacher does not limit themselves to mere final exam grades. That is why using Excel templates can be very advantageous. The main benefits are:

  • Correct register of all the grades
  • the templates are easily modifiable, so you can edit the grades with great ease.
  • All the information on the academic course can be found in just one place
  • Capacity to make calculations automatically
  • Possibility of producing graphs associated to the grading data of the students

As you can see, it is a tool that will almost certainly become indispensable for teachers in the long run. It helps them to have a much better management of their students.

How to evaluate students with an Excel academic grades template?

The spreadsheets of Excel allow us to evaluate a student throughout a complete course or by subject. This is done in a simple, manual and personalized way. We can get a grade point average from the note templates by :

  • a recording of fouls committed by each student individually
  • the behaviour of students
  • the notes of the exams activities assignments or notebooks

If you wish, remember that you can combine this with the use of Excel templates for academic or school scheduling. This is a productive way to ensure students can manage their time and ultimately so that they can improve their grades in class.

Download free excel templates for grades

Here below you will find materials to download for free with a categorisation of grades by course set to the default. This academic grade template will allow you to control the students grades. This is simple to do thanks to the customizability of the Excel spreadsheet. You only have to indicate the weighted percentage of each course according to each of your students.

Premium template for academic grades

Reduce your workload with the recording of students’ grades. This Excel template will allow you to upload the grades of your students quickly. You will be able to automatically obtain the results based on average grade per student. You will also be able to obtain the average per class, and control for time period you wish to analyse (quarter, semester, annual, etc.)

With this Excel template you can register an unlimited amount of students, tests or homework. You will also be able to rate them according to other criteria such as punctuality and attendance. Get the reports whenever you need them and analyze the evolution of each student. You can print them when you need them so they can be delivered signed and the annotations added should they be required.

For data entry, the Excel template has a navigation bar and button and pop up windows, making its use very intuitive. No more manual calculations for teachers, as you automate this task with Excel templates!