Excel Template for Business Plan

If your organisation needs a business plan but you don’t know how to do it, then the Excel software will offer you the tools to facilitate the process. This is thanks to Excel templates that you can download. In this way, you will not only be able to mark your company’s objectives and organise the information, but also be able to perform the calculations you need with the Excel functions that it has inserted. This is again thanks to our Excel template for a business plan.


Elements of an Excel Template required for a Business Plan

Since a business plan requires addressing the numerous components of a business, each spreadsheet of the Excel template for a business plan should group the operations and information by department. Therefore in our free Excel template we have included these spreadsheets.

  • Expense control template for Excel
  • Payroll template for Excel
  • Sales template for Excel
  • Asset flow template for Excel
  • Financial analysis for Excel

Thanks to these Excel templates we will have all the necessary data to create the Business Plan, which acts as a roadmap to follow for the company. It will also allow you to present a business plan to investors, shareholders or the public who are interested in the economic performance of your company.

Additionally, Excel business plans are adaptable to each type of company. Whether your business is large or small, you can make a quality business plan in Excel.  We have here a business plan for those start ups of yours.

 Free download for an Excel Business Plan

Below you can download a business plan template in Excel. This has an extensive range due to its multiple spreadsheets representing the different aspects of the company and its daily operation. Download this Excel template for free to start your business and expand it. 


Business Viability Plan Premium Template

With Excel you will be able to analyze whether your business idea is financially and commercially viable or not.  Its navigation ribbon and its popup windows make it possible for one to very easily fill in all the necessary data to analyze the investments that will have to be made; if sufficient income can be achieved to be able to maintain business activity. With this Excel template you will be able to know what the result will be of your business idea. You can calculate investments, financing and income necessary to create a solid profitable company.




If you want to start a business you will need a business plan. With this free downloadable Excel template you will be able to make your business plan easily.