Excel Template For Performance Evaluation

Many do not know that Excel templates can help evaluate the performance of their workers. Thanks to the spreadsheets we can insert variables to measure performance and then evaluate each employee accordingly. These types of Excel spreadsheets are oriented towards companies that are dedicated to sales, but it can apply to all sorts of companies. You just need to adapt to the types of performance to be evaluated.

How to use Excel templates to evaluate performance?

This type of Excel template is very useful for Human Resources personnel. In fact, it is one of the basic Excel templates of any Human Resources department of companies dedicated to sales.

In the spreadsheets of these templates, a series of evaluation parameters are established with regards to the task performed by each employee. This allows the HR team to asses possible change in salary, whether it is a salary increase, commissions or bonuses, as well as the possibility of moving up in jobs. But not only that, Excel templates are also an effective tool when assessing possible gaps in employee training of workers and designing plans to reinforce their knowledge, either through internal training or external.

Another tool that allows you analyze performance is the employee evaluation template in Excel. It has a similar structure and distributes data on output and efficiency.

Download the Excel Template for Performance Evaluation

One of the advantages of evaluating performances with Excel is there are ready-made templates such as the one below. Just download the Excel template that is below and start using it, either with the criteria inserted or by adapting some of these criteria to the work of your company.



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Excel Template for Employee Evaluation

Evaluate employee performance with this totally free Excel template. You will know if they have met your objectives set.