Excel Template for Inventory Manager

The Excel templates for an inventory allow us to better know the physical assets a company or a person possesses and their value at a certain time. With the Excel spreadsheets we can organise by quantity and by value of all the compomements. This is in order to calculate the final value of all your assets, for which you also need Excel’s formulas for mathematical functions and trigonometry.

There are several types of inventory templates in Excel, as not all inventories are the same. They can be temporary inventories (final, periodical or initial inventories) or production inventories. You can also categories by materials or supplies. In the last example the Excel template for an inventory can be of use when looking at templates for sales in Excel, so that you can control the stock in a business.

Why is it important to have an inventory in Excel

If you don't have a correct control of your inventory you will not be able to know what stock you have. This means that you will not have sufficient units of a product if it is in demand or that you buy too much stock relative to the demand for it without being allowed to sell it off.

Creating an inventory in Excel can be a powerful asset to control your stock and insure the optimisation of your sales and protracted sales.

What elements do you need in an Excel spreadsheet for inventories

If you don’t know how to use Excel, the best thing to do is to look for Excel templates to download instead of trying to do them yourself. On the other hand, if you do know how to

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Total Purchase Price
  • Total Estimated Value Items
  • Difference between present value and purchase price
  • Total inventory items
  • Item / Description
  • Make / model
  • Identification No. / Series / Code / Reference
  • Date of purchase
  • Place of purchase
  • Purchase price
  • Estimated Present Value

Steps to create an inventory checker of your assets in Excel from scratch

An Excel template for inventory is a very useful instrument to control your stock in a simple and effective way. If instead of downloading an example of an inventory template you prefer to personalise it and start from scratch, we have the instructions here just for you.

Configure a table of products.

In a new spreadsheet create a table with the references you want to include. Make sure they have the correct format. You can detail the article or the description, the brand, the reference, the barcode, the date of purchase, the place of purchase, the estimated present value. Don’t forget to name your document and add the columns you need to copy the data to that are more practical at the hour of revising your inventory.

at the creation of the table select the “table has headers” option to indicate that the first row corresponds to the headers of your table. In the Design tab you can configure this at your discretion.

Create a table for inventory movement

A table of inventory movements details the movements of the input and output from the warehouse and part of the fields that we have detailed in the upper part so that each cell has a name. This field is practical when it comes to capturing all the information of an inventory, whether it is a store online or physical.

Apply formats and formulas in Excel

With the help of these Excel features you can automate certain functions that will make the use of the template in a more practical way and save you time.

Add your inventory data

Now it is time to complete each of the rows and columns of your inventory in Excel, a template that you can reuse and modify as many times as you want to manage your stock and anticipate new orders.

If you don't want to make your inventory management template in Excel from scratch, you can use one of our Excel templates. These are prepared to perform calculations automatically, and incorporate Excel formulas for inventories and to control stock.

Characteristics of a spreadsheet for inventories in Excel

The templates for inventories in Excel are looking to sum up information about the quantity and value of something in spreadsheets. Thus, the Excel spreadsheet will have to have the following characteristics :

  • detail : especially the particularities of each component
  • order : you need to group the components to have a clearer vision of everything.
  • value : reflects the monetary value of each component.

There are several types of inventory templates. Some group all the aggregated components of a company, others just pre-order to know many new supplies to order. Some just settle for the history of the products.These are just some examples of inventory templates :

  • Excel template for an inventory with dashboard
  • Excel template for an inventory with stock and pre-ordered calculator
  • Excel template with list of prices
  • FIFO template for Excel
  • LIFO template for Excel

Free Excel templates for inventories

You dn’t need to master Excel to have an Excel template to download. Here below you have an example of a spreadsheet for inventories, that you will be able to download free of charge. Discover all the information on the inventories in a company and their characteristics.

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Premium inventory template, stock and Pre-order Point calculator

Save time and effort in control and management of stock and inventory. This Excel template has 4 sheets that will allow you to control all the products you have at your disposal, your supplies and your orders. Know at any time what is the real value of your inventory with Excel.

Enter you orders, whether they are purchases or sales and you will know the availability of the product in every moment and if necessary add a new order to attend to your clients. This Excel template will help you have a minimum amount of stock available.

Premium Template for Control of Inventory with Dashboard

This Excel template is a very useful tool for controlling your inventory. The Excel template has a navigation menu and popup windows that will allow you to control your ins and outs, provisions and clients at any time. This makes it very easy to know your inventory and the real value of it. It includes an Excel dashboard so that it is easier to analyze the information per product and aggregated. You will also be able to see the costs derived from the purchases and the returns generated from sales. Start managing the stock of your company now with this Excel template!






This Excel template will allow you to effectively control inventories through its spreadsheets so that you can know in detail the quantities and value of the inventory items.