Excel Template Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Taking command of a preventive maintenance schedule is essential in any enterprise. The conservation and revision of assets is essential for a successful production model. Thus you have to keep track periodically to avoid issues of degradation and improve security. We have an Excel template to get you started

How the maintenance Excel template works

In each company it is necessary to carry out revisions of the machines or installations on a regular basis. This preventive maintenance Excel template contains the essential sections to be able to have knowledge of the inspections and controls carried out or planned. You will be able to control the revised elements, the parameters and the tests to be carried out.

Every Excel maintenance template must include:

  • Installation or Machine that will be controlled.
  • The items to review.
  • Parameters to be controlled.
  • The tests to run.
  • Periodicity of the reviews.
  • Periodicity of the reports.


The maintenance control Excel template will help you prevent problems in the production process of the company. You just have to enter the data of the actions carried out or planned in the template to have a complete vision of the maintenance carried out or to be carried out. You can use the preventive maintenance template in Excel as many times as necessary.

Download the free Excel maintenance control template.

Download this fantastic Excel template with which to manage the maintenance of your company. Get it for free.