Expense Control Excel Template

Excel Templates for the control of expenses are fundamental for your accounting, allowing you to get an idea of your saving. These Excel templates are not only useful for controlling the accounts of a company but also the control of personal expenses. In this way thanks to the register of income and expenditure in Excel spreadsheets we’ll be able to do daily domestic and business bookkeeping. In addition, it serves as an additional tool to calculate a budget.

How to control expenses in Excel

To control expenses in Excel for a company or individual you need to input in the spreadsheets the expenses and income so that you can then calculate the difference between the two thanks to the Excel functions. This allows you to see fluxes of income and expenditure of money. But additionally, we can calculate and plan future decisions based on the health of the balance sheet. With expenses and income spreadsheets we can also know if we are managing our resources well if we have to modify our decision making


Examples of expenditure control in Excel to download

Thanks to quality Excel templates to control expenses, it is not necessary to know how to use Excel to have a control of your personal expenses. Examples of spreadsheets to download for free include :

  • Personal budget in Excel : control your expenses at a personal level.
  • Household budget in Excel : control your family budget and expenditures
  • Spending trend in Excel : know what spending tendencies you are engaging in in Excel and learn how to save.
  • Shared expenses in Excel : control shared expenses easily with this template
  • Saving plan in Excel : learn how to save on expenses and save money for better financial health.

We want to share two types of Excel templates for the control of expenditures. One for whichever type of activity and the other model more focused on the domestic economy that you will be able to download, but before that we will detail what you can find in each one of them :

1. How to calculate the expenses of the family budget

With this template you will be able to keep track of the income, expenses and investments that are made month by month, so that you can know different categories of expenses, the evolution of finances, find out in what areas you can save on and know the status of the loans and the health of the balance sheet.


2. How to calculate expenses and income

This template is more general and you can adapt it to pretty much any area of life, be it personal or professional. It is an Excel with customizable expenses, income and savings for each month. It’s an easy way to view personal finance or business numbers.


Premium Template for Control of Expenses

You can make it a habit of saving money with this fantastic tool in Excel in which you can control all your income and expenditure and know where your money is going each week. Includes a monthly summary with graphs that will facilitate the control of your money. Download your Excel template now.


Premium Template for Control of Income and Expenditure for companies and self-employed

Control with Excel in a simple format the income and expenditure that you incur on a daily basis. It allows you to accommodate VAT in an independent manner. It also includes a monthly summary with graphs that can help you visualise your money saving. Download the Excel template and control of income and expenditure.


Template for control of expenses in Excel

This Excel spreadsheet for cost control is adaptable to any activity. You only have to input your income and expenditure.

Template for control of personal expenses in Excel

With this Excel template you can control personal expenses and income in the form of a household accounting spreadsheet. The Spreadsheet has 3 years worth of entries, so we can see the evolution of household spending over a specific period of time.