Excel Expense Report Template

Excel expense report templates are fundamental for accounts and understanding the economic state of a company. These Excel templates to download not only help in controlling the economics of a business but can also be used for controlling personal spending. Thanks to the record of spending and income made easy through Excel spreadsheets, you can update company or personal spending.

How to control costs in Excel

To report expenses in Excel, you need to record your spending amount and income amount using the spreadsheets to find out the difference you are left with using Excel functions. This allows you to view the movement of money entering and leaving your accounts. You can also calculate and plan future economic transactions according to your own economic stability as Excel spreadsheets allow you to view if you are managing your resources well or if you need to make changes to your spending habits.

Excel expense report template to download

You don’t need to know how to use Excel in order to control your expenses as you can make use of many different Excel templates for free download:

  • Excel templates for daily expenses
  • Excel templates for company expenses
  • Excel templates for personal expense report

Get started with our Excel templates below, one can be used for any type of economic activity and the other focuses on personal budgets.

View budget examples to gain a better understanding on how to create your own Excel expense report spreadsheet.

Excel Expense Report Template

This Excel template for controlling costs is adaptable for any circumstance. All you need to do is enter your own data of spending and income values.

Excel template for personal expenses report

This Excel template allow us to control personal spending and income of a domestic accounting. Spreadsheets include different types of household expenditures over a period of time.