Excel Financial Statement Template

Excel templates for financial statements allow us to understand the financial situation of a company. At the time of managing a company, not only is it useful to make calculations in Excel but it works for collecting data in the spreadsheets and analysing them. Businesses often want to know how they are doing financially and what decisions they might need to take to be stable and how to achieve financial stability. There are many Excel templates accessible for download so you can get to know Excel at expert level.

Spreadsheet Elements for Financial Statements

One of the main elements of Excel spreadsheets that is useful for analysing finances are ratios or financial indicators. These allow us to understand the financial situation of a company at any point in time and to do so we need to use the financial tools of Excel.

All of this is important when it comes to designing your own Excel template or if you choose to download a Excel template ready for modification. Amongst the characteristics of spreadsheets for financial analysis, you will find:

  • Balance Data from general company data
  • State Data from earnings and losses
  • Analysis of ratios/financial indicators: situation ratios, financial ratios, economic ratios, commercial ratios, technical ratios

Excel financial statement template for download

The best way to learn how to do something is by using a model to reference as an example. For creating a financial statement spreadsheet, you will find below a free template to download with several spreadsheets for easy and simple analysis of your company’s finances.

Excel financial statement template to download

This example of an Excel financial statement allows you to calculate and analyse the financial state of a company based on ratios or financial indices. All you have to do is download our free Excel template and fill it in!