Flowchart templates in Excel

Flowcharts are used to evaluate the process maps that are required for productivity or establish a work sequence. Flowcharts are a type of mind map that can be used to describe a process, system or algorithm. Thanks to its visual format the information can be read much more easily using an Excel template. Thanks to the design incorporated into the program we can create flow charts in a simple yet professional fashion.

How to make the flowchart in Excel.

Flowcharts show a sequence of data. Thus, the first step is to define what your flowchart wil show and what is the most important concept for each step. Remember that it will also depend

The design of flowcharts was invented in the 1920s and ever since we use a standardised symbol usage of flowcharts. You will often ask yourself : What is the significance of each shape in a flowchart? Before using this sample of Excel to create flowcharts, you need to learn the key to each geometric shapes of a flowchart :


Excel facilitates the creation of flowcharts, by including all the geometric figures above. You can find them in the taskbar : Insert -> Shapes → Flowchart.

In addition to shapes other key indicators of this Excel template are the connectors, formed principally by arrows. Also available in the same spreadsheet.

Download the template of the Excel

Create the flowchart with this Excel template incorporates the different geometric shapes that you need to make the process or flux. You just need to choose the shapes required and allocate them. This tool facilitates the creation of flow charts so that every shape has a significance.

Create advanced charts in a simple and fast way thanks to this Excel template. The template includes 25 different charts that you can use as many times as you need to for your reports or documents in Excel’s formats. The Excel template includes line charts, pie charts, speedometers, stock market trackers, and spider web charts. You can include these in your Excel workbooks by copying and pasting the tables whilst also filling in the relevant data. With this chart template you can save the flowchart. Now you will no longer have to waste your time learning how to design them from scratch. Just fill in the data and generate the graphs in Excel.

Flowchart Excel template

Download the Excel template and create the flowcharts you need. Incorporate the legend of all the geometric symbols that you will need for the diagram.