Follow Up With Your Clients With This Excel Template

With the passing of time Excel templates have become our best asset in taking care to the best of our ability to track the formalities of running a business. In the case of following up with clients the same applies. Thanks to the Excel functions offered by the spreadsheets you have the possibility to establish an exhaustive analysis of our clients and their activity. Thus you can offer them the best product at any time.

 How to design a client tracking system

Many enterprises make the error of ending the client relationship the moment of the sale.  However, the best course of action is actually a post-sale service. Not all clients will stay satisfied and its vital to receive feedback, be it positive or negative. That is why following up with your clients has to be a fundemental part of your business, whatever its product is.

Why track clients?

The important thing about tracking clients is that it can serious value to your business. A better knowledge of your clientele and users can transform a business in order to satsify their needs correctly. This then translates in an increase in sales through their own reccomendation.

Another side of it is that the follow-up of clients affects the amount of return customers and their loyalty rate. You want customers to come back to your company and not go to the competition to increase sales. In addition, customer follow-up allows you to inform them about promotions and new products. 

Lastly, one of the most important reasons for customer follow-up is that you can find out why you lost a customer and why they are not satisfied so that you can address this problem. 

This is why customer follow up is a phase that must be included and kept in mind in a sales process. It allows the user to be guided during the purchase or conversion process.

Tips for improving customer relations

To obtain long term customers you need to work hard to build healthy and stable relationships. However, nowadays the competition is so strong in the market than companies should not be satisfied with only generating  income with sales, but also managing their core clients correctly.

To achieve this retainment of clients, it is advisable you do the following :

  • Focus on the quality of service : Offer your attention alongside the product or service and make yourself available for the customer.
  • Monitor the opinion of your customers. This can easily be done using social networks.
  • Use customer relations management programs like CRM. You will also be able to evaluate your marketing strategy.
  • Share information transparently with clients, such as advice, your resources and consultancies.
  • Start using marketing strategies in your business plan in order to get to know your median customer better.

How does this free Excel template help for customer follow up?

From this Excel template for customer follow up, we have at our disposal an effective tool to monitor customer activity both potentital customers and customers who participation is lower. The process is simple because it works as an Excel database and you will just have to fill in each entry following these steps :

  • The date of initial contact, when the business relationship began
  • their personal data, with GDPR compliance and thus a respect for their privacy
  • The level of offers and aquisitions.
  • The status of the client

In the comments section we can indicate all the data of interest that can help us maintain a good relationship for the client. 

Why use Excel for customer follow up?

A good template for customer follow up can help you control sales in your business and provisionally bill your clients. It will also help in getting to know your customer, their needs, and their status. A correct follow up of customers allows you to know their real interest in your product and therefore you must be able to do it in a simple way. The Excel templates offers as advantages :

  • An ease of editing and adaptation to requirements
  • Simple file sharing
  • Have all the information in one place
  • Automisation of formulas allows for easier calculations
  • The information is stored digitally.


Premium Template Customer Follow Up

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Use this Excel template for customer follow-up and keep your business arrangements in order. Learn to organize your company better with this database in Excel with the help of this free spreadsheet.