Excel Gantt Chart Template

Excel templates with Gantt charts allow us to control project deadlines through spreadsheets and graphics. Also known as Gantt timetables, they are a great tool for managing the timeline of a project including specific events and activities that can be organised using the date and time settings in Excel.

Types of Gantt charts in Excel

If you are looking to set up the timeline of a project in a determined period of time then the Excel templates are the best way to create graphic Gantt charts through data input tables. As well, Excel’s own spreadsheet cells serve to create a timeline. There are three types of Gantt diagrams in Excel that are useful for projects:

  • Gantt charts excluding Saturdays and Sundays
  • Gantt charts excluding Sundays
  • Gantt charts including all the days of the week

Download Gantt charts for Excel

If you are not sure on how to create a Gantt diagram in Excel, let us do the work for you and download for free one of the Gantt chart templates. You can download an example of a Gantt chart for Excel that can be modified with your own dates.

Excel Gantt Chart Template

Gantt Chart Dashboard Template

Discover this Excel template to manage very easily your projects. You will know at all times what is the progress on tasks, assign tasks to collaborators or employees and learn quickly if someone needs additional support to complete the assignment on time. It´s very easy to use. Just fill out some fields and the rest will be autocompleted on this Excel template. To guarantee a correct interpretation of the Gantt Chart it includes a dashboard to help you control progress for projects, tasks and sub-tasks.More info

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Excel template with a Gantt chart

This online Gantt chart for Excel can be downloaded free and used to organise project deadlines through a graphic diagram.