Excel gradebook template

The Excel templates are easily adaptable for each of your needs, and in general, one of the best resources that you can manage and evaluate information in an organised way. One of the most common cases are Excel grades templates, where you can observe the evolution and evaluation of students. This is due to the multiple functions of Excel and over time has managed to become one of the great allies for teachers.

How to assess students with the Excel gradebook template

In an easy, simple and personalised way the spreadsheets allow us to assess students throughout a course, and by subjects if you wish. Therefore, we can make the grade point average from gradebook templates by:

  • The record of misconduct by each student individually.
  • The behaviour of the students.
  • The test scores, activities, work or notebooks.

If you wish, you can make use of the Excel schedule template, which is a very productive way for children to manage their time and ultimately increase their performance in school.

Download Excel gradebook template for free

Below you can download a free template based on the division of different parts of each course. It is very simple, because this Excel for grades template is ready for you to customise it, you just have to indicate the percentage of each part according to each of your students.

Excel gradebook template

Adapt this free Excel template to assess your students. You can personalise the subjects and classes thanks to this Excel template. You can then keep track of exams, controls, attendance, homework and evaluate the complete course.