Excel Inventory Template

The following Excel template for managing an inventory is a great help for staying up to date with the markets as it allows you to control the entry and exit of products as well as the remaining quantity. In this way, you can manage your stock and keep track of the ability to do business. It is also useful to use this spreadsheet when completing inventory in Excel.

Spreadsheet elements for inventory in Excel

Inventory management is important for the organisation of the business and allows you to know when products should be replenished. Each Excel spreadsheet for managing stock has a series of characteristics:

  • A sales record: product codes, quantities, prices and total costs
  • A purchase record: product codes, quantities, prices and total costs
  • Informative product record: codes, descriptions, stock, minimum inventory, maximum inventory, sales price

Managing stock for free with Excel

Storage systems may or may not have control over stock which is why it is recommended this download an Excel template designed especially for the management of stock that allows you to organise your business’ inventory. Download this free template for inventory management with Excel that includes the necessary settings and that you can easily incorporate into your storage system. All that is left for you to do is input the data!

Template for managing stock in Excel

With this Excel template for inventory management you can control and organise your business through records of sales and purchases.