Excel Invoice Template

Excel templates for invoices help us to arrange all the trading data of a company into spreadsheets and they come in handy when looking into the financial operations of the company. Excel invoices allow us to modify information of high value thanks to the settings of the programme that are available as well as free downloadable templates.

How to create invoices in Excel

Excel invoice templates establish a standard form for all operations within the company. This doesn’t mean that all Excel invoice samples are the same as there are different layouts to choose from that you can either print or send. However, there are a series of elements that are crucial to all free Excel templates for invoices:

  • Your company’s information and CIF
  • Client details
  • Corresponding, unique invoice number
  • Date of invoice, conditions of pay and date of payment
  • Total cost and IVA percentage

Excel invoice template to download

Amongst all the Excel invoice examples, the free template below is for a standard invoice that is a basic necessity for any transaction. This is why we would love to share the following template, free to download, with an invoice format in Excel spreadsheets.

Excel invoice template to download

This Excel invoice template comes with all the necessary elements included in the spreadsheet so you can carry out transactions correctly.