Excel Loan Amortization Schedule Template

Take control over your mortgage loan from your own computer with this simple Excel template perfect for calculating loans, completely free!

How does the Excel loan amortization schedule template work?

It’s a simple process, all you need to do is download the Excel template below and open it using Microsoft Excel 2013.

The Excel spreadsheets come completed with the data for a hypothetical mortgage so that you can easily see what information needs to be input. To use the Excel template to download, simply substitute the data with your own credit details.

The main data that you need to indicate are the following:

  • Mortgage total
  • Interest rate
  • Length of loan (in months)
  • Loan total

As you continue introducing the new data, the free Excel template to download will continue calculating the rest of the fields: dates, quotas, statistics, interest…

Excel template to calculate a loan

This sample to calculate a bank loan in Excel allows you to control your mortgage loan from home and manage all the spreadsheets yourself in Excel.