Excel mortgage loan template

Mortgage loans are one of the most common cases which have moved Excel spreadsheets into a more personal field. This is because Excel templates are one of our great allies for organising and gathering information. The advantages of Excel are abundant especially thanks to the different functions of Excel that help us to simplify our tasks in useful and easy way.

How to create a loan repayment table in Excel

Thanks to the Excel mortgage loan template we have the opportunity to effectively calculate our fees and payments by a repayment table that compiles all the data. Thus, the mortgage spreadsheet has the following points:

  • Payment periods.
  • Fees and interest payments.
  • Accumulated repayments.
  • Capital pending.
  • Amount of cancellation fee.
  • Cost of cancellation.

We’ve also taken into account other factors related with types of interest or other fixed rates. In addition, you can adapt this template for your domestic accounting necessities so you can note all the expenses made throughout the year and especially save on your personal finances as much as possible.

Free Excel mortgage loan template

Below you will find an example of an Excel mortgage loan template which you can personalise to your needs. Get the most out of this free calculation sheet where you can control your payment schedules and start your loan repayments in a few steps.

Excel mortgage loan template

Discover this Excel mortgage loan template. Discover the advantages of Excel and enjoy this repayment table for your loan. Download this spreadsheet for free with the loan simulator.