Excel Payroll Template

Excel templates have an infinite number of uses y they can help us solve any type of procedure thanks to the many functions of Excel. That’s why they are perfect for calculating your payroll as they include spreadsheets with the data we need to know to calculate our gross and net salary every month.

How to calculate your salary in Excel

Through Excel payroll templates, we have available to us one of the best resources to develop an exhaustive tracking system for our payroll. To understand how to create a payroll, follow these steps:

  • Establish salary payments.
  • Establish non-salary payments.
  • Indicate worker deductions or contributions, such as individual income tax, advances or values of received products.

Also, you can make use of the payroll calculator to make sure no figure escapes you and to have everything under control!

Free Excel payroll sample

This is a free Excel payroll template to download to help you calculate your salary, in which you only have to fill in data for each individual. This template is ready to be used and is a much simpler way of calculating a payroll without going through endless paperwork.

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Excel payroll template

Discover this Excel template for your payroll and start organising your takings! Learn how to calculate your income thanks to this free spreadsheet that allows you to organise your gross salary in an easier way, thanks to this free Excel template.