Price List Excel Template

With the help of Excel templates we have the ability to organise manage and maintain all our business and personal affairs well maintained. We owe these attributes to Excel functions, that can vary immensely. Thus, when it comes to professional matters one of the infinite examples is creating a price list in Excel.

What is a price list of products and services?

A price list is a standard instrument in carrying out most business activities. The purpose of a price list is to present the basic information of a product. This can include a description, the unit price or name and whether it exclusive of sales. If you have a business and sell a large quantity of goods it can be a tedious process to change the prices of the products constantly. So to do this you can optimise the process with a price list to manage the products correctly.

Having a price history, increasing your productivity and having a control on sales and much are some of the advantages of using a price list in Excel for your business. If you have any doubts how to do this, read on.

Guide to create an updated price list

If you have developed a perfect product line but are still having doubts about how to make a price list, take note. These are the most important steps to prepare this document in a simple way :

  • Choose a template price list that is customizable
  • Include all the detailed information of your company, the logo and information about each of your products.
  • Another step in creating a product price list is adding and modifying the columns and rows according to what is required for your business needs.

Give the list a format that you like in addition to the text that adapts itself to the branding of your company. Play with the fonts, colours and all the other customizations available.

Tips to create an attractive list of prices

If you have in mind creating a price list that is different and creative, don’t hesitate putting it into practice with the following tips and advice :

  • Remember to use the psychology of numbers so that these appear more accessible and affordable.
  • Choose a basic and simple template to make a list of prices for your product
  • Optimise the information and the list so that it doesn’t
  • The name of the document can also make a difference

How to use Excel for price lists

To develop the Excel template for a price list, you have to establish an average for each product and based on that created the spreadsheet. Nowadays it is easy to know how to use Excel for the price list. We will limit ourselves to establishing a table that includes the following sections :

  • Name of each product
  • Number of each product
  • Description of each product
  • Price agreed per unit

In addition if you want to save your price list in Excel to access it whenever you need it and update any data, you can call on the Exxcel database for saving all your information so that it is always available when you need it.

Calculator for sale price


Example of a free template for a price list in Excel

Here we offer you a format of Excel for a price list to download. You can customise this Excel template based on your needs and each product. Download this free Excel template and start updating the price and descriptions of all your products for your business.


Premium Price List Excel Template

Download this excellent price list Excel template where you will be able to register your products and the prices. You can also save a record of them : you will then be able to see the variations and quantity of products (or services) that you have sold throughout time. The Excel Template Price List also contains a Dashboard where can analyze all the information related to each product : how much has been sold, on what date for what price and what result has been obtained. With This Excel template you can also generate a price list to able to send by mail to your clients or collaborators. Easily exportable to PDF.

Download this Excel template to optimize your price management.


Excel template for a price list

Discover this Excel template for a price list. Save and customise this spreadsheet to keep the prices of your company’s products up to date. Take advantage of this free Excel template and don’t hold up yourself anymore in creating your price list in Excel