Product database Excel Template

For the management of a business it is important to have a register and control of all the stock that exists. Each product has established characteristics that and a great quantity of information that affects its production and commercialisation. Thanks to Excel templates, we have the ability to agglutinate all this data in a document on an orderly manner. For that we offer you a product database Excel template. With this you will manage all the information on your products with ease.

The need for a Product Database

The database allow us to collect information on concrete aspects about a product. One can find databases about the web, client databases, or in this case, databases for products.

With the excel product database you can collect all the necessary data to surrounding a product to take concrete decisions about its supply and distribution. You will have the possibility to know which products work best and which are the worst in terms of sales, functionality and other characteristics.

This way, you can rid yourself of products that are not rentable for your business, and on the other hand, design new strategies to market the products more successfully. However, the template is not just there to look at problem products. It is also there to know the situation of those leading products and change their prices, or do promotions with them.

Download the Excel template for a product database

If you can master this program, you can create your own database. However, if you don’t want to waste time, we offer you an Excel database template for free. This way, you will be able to input all the data about your product offer, assess the results to draw conclusions and, finally, make the best decisions for your company.

Premium Template for the Control of Inventory with Dashboard

This template for Excel is a very useful tool for the control and management of your inventory. This Excel template contains a navigation menu and pop-up windows that will allow you to control your entries, exits, suppliers and customers at all times. It will be very easy to know what your inventory consists of and its real value. The template includes an Excel Dashboard to make it easier to analyze the information by product and accumulated. You will also be able to see the expenses derived from the purchases and the income generated by the sales made. Manage your company’s stock with this Excel template!

Premium Inventory Template, Stock and Pre-order Calculator Point

Save time and effort with the control and management of your stock and inventory. This Excel template has 4 pages that allow you to control all the products at your disposal. Your providers and your orders. You will thus be able to know at any moment with Excel what is the real value of your inventory! Just enter your orders (both stock and sales) and you will know which product is available at what moment. It also indicates if it is necessary that you make a new order to tend to new client demand. This Excel template will help you determine your minimum stock in your shelf capacity.

Create the product database with this Excel template. Register all the products inputting who the supplier is, the quantity in the warehouse and the price it has.