Excel quotation template

The Excel quotation templates consist of an informative document that uses the business department during negotiations. This quote in Excel format serves to establish and report the value of goods and services without accounting records.

How to make quotations in Excel

Excel is a good program to make quotations, since it allows you to distribute data in an organised way in the spreadsheets. At the same time Excel functions provide us with the calculations and operations. In addition, if we do not have much knowledge, we can look for a template with a quotation form in Excel and download it. The formats for quotes are usually made in the sales department, the elements that you should find in an Excel quotation template are:

  • TIC of company
  • Client
  • Contact
  • Discount
  • Type of payment
  • Code
  • Description
  • Quantity
  • Units
  • Unit value
  • Total value
  • Grand total
  • Discount
  • Subtotal
  • Sales Tax (5-10%)
  • Total value

Download Excel quotation template free

If you don’t know how to make Excel quotation templates, the best way is to find Excel templates already made. Below you can download an Excel quotation template model that is often used in the accounting department for buying and selling negotiations.

Excel quotations template

This Excel quotation example will assist each quotation that you make. You should only download the template and fill it in with corresponding data.