Excel rental management template

Excel templates are perfect to manage and control rented property thanks to excel spreadsheets. They include Excel functions in order to manage and classify a lot of data in the templates.

How to make an Excel rental management template

One of our biggest allies is the Excel rental management template, through which we have the opportunity to save all data related to our customer and keep track of payments. It is very simple to prepare a spreadsheet to regulate rent every month. Thus, the template for rent must include the following themes:

  • Identification and tenant data.
  • The address of the house: street, number, department and neighbourhood.
  • Rented items: the house, the garage or the storeroom.
  • The real estate commission.
  • Tracking months based on the payment and collection date.

Also, if you want to carry out a more thorough control of expenses remember you have an Excel bills template, which you can simplify your annual income in a few steps.

Download the Excel rental management template

If you wish to use the Excel rental management template, it is very easy to do. Below you can find an Excel rental management model which you can personalise for your own needs. Don’t wait any longer and make the most of this free template and all the advantages of Excel.

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Excel rental management template

If you wish to manage your rented property, don’t wait any longer and use this Excel rental management template. Make the most of this spreadsheet and personalise each one and manage your tenant fees with this free downloadable template.