Excel Sales Template

Excel sales templates are diverse and although their main function is to control sales, they have become fundamental for businesses. Thanks to our Excel templates you can follow your company’s sales on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as well as by client or by product while also managing the level of stock. You can create your own spreadsheets in Excel or, more conveniently, download a free Excel sales template below.

Sales Templates in Excel

Amongst all the Excel spreadsheet advantages for organising sales, you can manage sold items, warehouse status or product supply through the Excel template. They also allow you to view sales projections within the Excel template and complete sales reports in Excel.

Excel sales template to download

Having a sales record in Excel can be useful for managing product availability. Below you will find an Excel template to download free that you can keep updated with product codes, product references, prices, purchased and sold quantities, stock values, which all allow you to create statistics. For this, keep in mind the statistical functions of Excel as well as the mathematical and trigonometrical functions.

Excel sales template to download

This Excel sample for sales is the perfect tool to record company sales, control stock and view sales projections in a spreadsheet. All you need to do is download the free Excel sales template and fill in the boxes with your own references, quantities and prices.