Template for Auditing in Excel

The templates for audits in Excel are part and parcel of the control of the financial management of an organisation to verify if it fulfills the financial requirements in accordance of the established laws. The audit exam is usually done by a company or an auditor, both of whom count on audit Excel templates, or are able to design them with an Excel program.

Examples of types of sheets for auditing

Audits can have several goals, and thus the Excel templates for auditing need to be adjusted towards the type of audit you are doing. The most know are :

  • Financial audit in Excel
  • Accounting audit
  • Operational audit
  • Fiscal Audit
  • Administrative audit
  • Compliance audit

Free Excel templates to download

However, if you are a recent start up and you know what are the excel templates for financial audits to download for free the Excel sheets with the audits. Each sheet has the functions in Excel required to make the right auditory sums.

With Excel you can analyse if your idea for a company is financially and commercially viable or not. Your task bar and the windows associated with them will make it easier to complete all the necessary data to analyse the investments you need to commit to and whether you will be able to match them to maintain your organisation’s activity. With this Excel template you will know what would be the result of your startup idea : calculate the investments, financing and income requirements to be able to create a sustainable start up. Our Excel templates are available to download here. See the video demonstration here.