Template for Schedule Control in Excel

A Time Clock or schedule controller is an important tool for many enterprises. It helps improve workplace productivity and helps workers manage their time. With this Excel template, you will be able to improve the gathering of data and have a better control of the schedules relevant to your company. Control of the clocking in of employees is an important policy to implement at the workplace.

The Excel template for schedule control shows the time difference between the entry and exit of workers. With this Excel template you can also note overtime hours, since they accumulate automatically once the worker passes 8 hours a day.

When using this template, you need to be careful since as it is an unprotected Excel workbook, Excel formulas and functions can be changed. The schedule control template has two sheets, one that contains the employee’s reference number and their time record, the other includes the list of personnel or references.

Another important part of the template is that it includes breaks, so it is easier to count the entire working day, and also control the time of breaks for employees.

We can see a preview of the schedule control template below. Then you can download the template for free.

How do you control for clock in from Employees in Excel?

We can improve the schedule control with Excel thanks to its many capacities. Thanks to the clocking in and clocking out time of the workers, we can calculate if the employee fulfills their working day requirements. In addition, one can integrate other Excel templates to manage teams effectively.

You will know the hour of entry, the hour of exit, the break times, the extra hours, and much more. In addition, to the template for controlling the schedule, we recommend a record of the working day template so that the employee can note the time of entry and exit and sign in any moment. This way the signing in of employees is carried out.

Advantages of using a schedule controller

In some parts of the world, companies are required to record the working hours of employees. This means that the entry and exit points of the employee have to be recorded in order to count the hours worked.

However, keeping track of the working day can still be beneficial, even if the company does not have to do it by law. It allows you to know how many hours each employee has worked. What are the average hours that they work within the office. It allows you to carry out a correct management of overtime, and the worker and the company have constant access to information about the working day. But why should you use a template for time control in Excel?

  • Almost every professional knows how to use Excel in the basic way.
  • Everything is stored in one place.
  • It is intuitive.
  • It is an editable document.
  • The information contained complies with the provisions of a labor inspection.
  • It allows signing in a simple and effective way.

What does this template of schedule control do in Excel?

At the downloading of the template of the schedule controller you will find 3 sheets : “clocking times”, “dates” and “listed”. You will see that it is an Excel document with formulas, that do your calculations for you automatically. But don’t worry, we have indicated with colors and annotations which cells correspond to which formulas and everything works just fine.

You will be able to add the number and reference of the worker and edit the data in the following columns : date, clock in hour, start of break, end of break. And clock out hour. The template will automatically update itself.

Other tools for transfer control.

Today, thanks to technology, there are different tools with which to carry out a transfer control correctly. Here, we tell you what options for presence control systems exist on the market:

  • Card system: The most used clocking system.  With it, the entry and exit of employees is controlled by a machine. For this, a card is passed through the reader to record the working day.
  • On paper: the most rudimentary form, it is treated as a way of taking roll at the time of entry and exit from work. These days, it is no longer a very efficient tool.
  • Premium Excel Templates: These premium templates are more complete. Our Schedule and Hours Control Template even has graphs and reports.
  • Time control software: it is a very convenient clocking system to implement, since you do not have to need a device in the office, the clocking control can be carried out through a mobile device. We recommend Sesame Time because, apart from keeping track of the day, it has other functionalities such as task management.
  • Biometric systems: this is the most complex system of all, since it requires the installation and maintenance of a technological device that detects the fingerprint or facial features and associated software for data management.

This Excel Template has everything you need. It will allow you to control your working day and that of your employees. Both entry and departure times will be recorded, as well as the total hours. With this Excel template, you can generate reports of the hours worked that you can then print so that the employee can sign them. It also calculates the total to pay according to the price per hour (normal and overtime), so you can estimate the salary of each employee. Manage your work schedule with the Excel premium template.

Premium template for Schedule Control and Management of Leave

We present to you the best Excel template to manage your employees. This tool will help you in conceptualizing your working day schedules and managing the leave and vacation of all your employees in one document. This template has everything you need to optimize your HR department in your company and fulfill any legal obligations your country imposes on you for monitoring labor standards. It also allows you to input your leave policies and control for worker presence. It generates automatically an organigram of your organization and each department.