To Do List Template Excel

Are your tasks starting to accumulate? Are you having difficulty organising yourself, or keeping track of tasks? Try an Excel template for your To Do List. Excel templates are a useful tool for organising and planning your daily tasks. This is because of Excel’s excellent formulas that are included in its spreadsheets. Thus, an Excel template for a To Do List to make lists will facilitate your life exponentially.

How does the Excel template for task management work?

The goal of this Excel template is helping us to manage pending tasks, and help us prioritize them too. With a To Do List in Excel we can decide who and when the task can be realised, add new tasks all while working on others and putting them in a calendar. For this, some of the indispensable elements in the template are :

  • Tasks to be realised
  • Dates due
  • Person responsable
  • Date of realisation

Once you have defined the pending tasks and you have one currently active, you can use an Excel Template for Project Management or an Activity Schedule Excel Template so that you have even more control over the task management in your enterprise.

Download a To Do List Excel template

The best thing is you don’t even have to design your own one from scratch in Excel. You can download an Excel template already prepared with task control inside. You just haveto fill out the empty cells with tasks and adapt the list to your needs. Download this Excel template now and you will organise your life in a much better way.

Premium Template To Do List

This Excel template is perfect to address your organisational problems. Take a record of all your daily takss with this magnificent Excel template and remember your most important events. You can forget about until the due date approaches, as they will only then appear on your To Do List. You can also check your weekly, monthly and annual Excel calendar and you will see the days in which you already have tasks scheduled so that you can organise your leisure time easily.


Discover this magnificent template to create a To Do List with all your tasks and control their completion status, due date and priority. Gain efficiency managing your tasks to successfully meet your goals