Excel Vacation Tracking Template

The excel template for organising employee holidays allows companies to manage the holiday rota and prevents mistakes and bad organisation within the company.

How to create an Excel vacation tracking template

The excel workbook for vacation tracking consists of two spreadsheets. One spreadsheet named quadrant, with the holiday months and another called public holidays where you can add the public holiday days. In order to use the Excel template, you need to add the employee name and their holiday request. This way, the dates are shaded. It is a very simple template which will improve the efficiency of vacation tracking.

This vacation tracking template is especially recommended for small businesses with few employees. In companies with a large number of employees, a much more advanced management system would be needed.

Vacation tracking for employees

In addition, for business owners, managing the working day is very important for employees. There are various systems which calculate employee holidays using an excel template. Managing the working day could make your business more organised and make it easier for your employees.

Download the Excel vacations tracking template

Here you can download a free excel template to manage employee holidays. A very useful human resources management tool perfect for small businesses.