Work Shift Excel Template

A shift-based work timetable implies a working culture where the workers or employees are required to provide a similar service but at different hours in a period of time.

Shift based work is a very common type of work in companies, especially those where production chains are primordial. This is the case with factories. In organising shift work you have to take into account worker rotation to respect  the minimum labour law standards of your country. You also must ensure no worker is on night shifts for more than two weeks in a row.

Shift work requires a lot of organisation when it comes to organising shifts and schedules forworkers. Because of this most teams rely on tools such as Excel templates, or even specific software package.

Types of shift work

There are currently different types of shift work templates :

  • Discontinuous shifts : These are shifts formed by the morning shift and the afternoon shift, which also excludes the weekend.
  • Semi-continuous shifts : This concerns three shifts : morning, afternoon and night. This schedule includes Saturdays.
  • Continuous shifts : shifts that are planned  in 3 periods of the day : morning, afternoon, night. And include weekends.

These shifts can be at first difficult to understand and even manage. But with the help of a schedule planner for employees we will have you operational with shifts in no time.

How to organise the work shift schedule in a correct manner?

Given the variety of work shifts you can have its normal that you question if you are applying all the requisite rules, by leaving the right days for bank holidays empty, or organising the team so that they function correctly. The solution to this is to count on a template for a timetable.

Download the template for timetables in Excel

If you don’t know how to make a shift schedule, we offer an Excel template to fix the shift rotation of the company and guarantee proper service during the whole day through distinct shifts. Don’t forget to consult how to make a timetable and use the software that adjusts itself the most to your needs.

We will show you how the Excel template would appear as a an example for organising shift work. You can download it totally free and modify the relevant data.

Customizable Premium Template for Shift Schedule Planning

Discover this magnificent Excel template that is totally customizable to plan your Rotating Shift Schedule for your employees. You will be able to register your employees, their schedules and plan their work shifts monthly. Once you have registered the necessary information about work shifts, you will be able to use the navigation bar (if enabled). This contains navigation buttons between sheets and pop-up menus that allow you to select employees, shifts, work groups and start and end times in a very intuitive way.

In this Excel template you can view the work shifts per week, fortnightly, twenty-one days or per month and see the hours that each employee has worked per week.