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  • Sale! Tracking Personal Training Clients

    Personal Trainer Template


    Download this powerful Excel template for initial customer analysis, Training plan design and weekly or monthly progress monitoring. Windows and Mac versions are available.

    This Excel template includes a navigation menu to facilitate data input.

    This Excel template for training routines includes graphs and tables for monitoring according to different parameters. You will also be able to estimate training zones according to their maximum and resting heart rate. Download this Excel template and start creating your Training plans!

  • Sale! Fleet control and maintenance

    Vehicle Control and Maintenance Template


    Discover this great Excel template to keep track of your vehicles. Check your fuel and maintenance costs (repairs, washing, wheel changes, oil, fines, etc….), the kilometres you have driven, and you can register the different drivers of each vehicle if you need to.

    It contains an Excel Dashboard with which it will be very easy to analyze all the expenses and mileage of each vehicle.

    For data entry, the Excel template contains a Navigation menu with buttons and pop-up windows that makes it very intuitive to use, download the Excel template and control the status of the vehicle!