Excel Survey Template

Excel templates are a very useful tool when it comes to creating surveys as the programme provides us with everything we should need to create survey that is easy to respond to and quick to collect data from.

How to create a survey in Excel

One of the greatest advantages to making a survey in Excel are the spreadsheets as you can easily manage the information gathered from the survey thanks to them. Not only do we use the input functions in database templates but they also allow us to generate graphics that provide all the collected information in a visual form and present professional reports about your field of work. There are a series of elements within the spreadsheets that we have to take into account when creating a survey in Excel:

  • The questions: you can locate the questions in a single spreadsheet. They ought to be drafted and comprehensible to offer a variety of responses.
  • Separate the questions into blocks through Excel templates for more comprehensible date
  • Graphics for your findings: obtain statistics and visually view the data results in a concise and quick way

Excel survey template to download

Another one of the advantages of Excel templates is that you can create surveys to download or online surveys. Using our downloadable Excel templates, all you have to do is enter your own data into the boxes and replace the sample questions with your own. Automatically, the data will recognise the changes and generate graphics that correspond to your information.

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Excel template for surveys

With this downloadable Excel template, you can create your own surveys! All you need to do is fill in the spreadsheet with your questions and see your results in no time.