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Gantt Chart Dashboard Template

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Discover this Excel template to manage very easily your projects. You will know at all times what is the progress on tasks, assign tasks to collaborators or employees and learn quickly if someone needs additional support to complete the assignment on time.

It´s very easy to use. Just fill out some fields and the rest will be autocompleted on this Excel template. To guarantee a correct interpretation of the Gantt Chart it includes a dashboard to help you control progress for projects, tasks and sub-tasks.


If you need to manage one or more projects and require a tool to coordinate each phase and task executed by the collaborators or employees, this Excel template will let you do it quickly and easily.

You will be able to add one or more projects, define phases, tasks and sub-tasks for each one, start and end dates, know progress for each task expressed in percentage, how many days until deadline and assign every collaborator and employee every task to gain absolute control over their progress. The Excel Gantt Chart includes a Calendar to facilitate your monitoring. 

Excel Project Management

Includes an Excel Dashboard where you will find the most important filters and control graphs. You will be able to see every project, phase, task or collaborator. You will also learn progress expressed in percentage for each project, phase or task, individual progress per collaborator, how many days worked and how many days until deadline for a project or task. There is also a button to update information easily.

This Excel template has the following characteristics:

  • Only works for Windows not Macintosh
  • Works only in Excel 2010 or later.
  • Totally customizable EXCEL Template to add as many projects, phases or tasks you need.
  • Includes calendar to improve project monitoring.
  • Dashboard with filters and graphics to control each project progress.
  • Update button to improve data transfer to the Excel Dashboard template.


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