Personal Trainer Template

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Download this powerful Excel template for initial customer analysis, Training plan design and weekly or monthly progress monitoring. Windows and Mac versions are available.

This Excel template includes a navigation menu to facilitate data input.

This Excel template for training routines includes graphs and tables for monitoring according to different parameters. You will also be able to estimate training zones according to their maximum and resting heart rate. Download this Excel template and start creating your Training plans!


Discover this magnificent Excel template and start recording your customer data individually (measurements, goals, special requirements, etc.), set training routines and customer progress monitoring.

This Excel template includes a navigation menu to facilitate basic data input. Once data is entered you will be able to create Training plans and monitor customer progress. There are 11 tabs with the following features: Personal parameters records, monthly or weekly monitoring (full report or just the summary), training plans (days and circuits), pictures that can be stored to use on the training plans and HR and Kcal calculation depending on the training intensity.

Manage training routines with this Excel template

This template includes an Excel sheet for you to create a Training plan assigning training days and circuits. You will be able to choose the specific exercises and supporting images. With this Training plan template, you will monitor your customers progress weekly and perform an optimum monitoring with the progress graph or how much time you have to reach their goal.

With this Training plan Excel template you will be calculate Heart Rate and calories burnt with the planned exercises.

*Note: This Excel template does not substitute evaluation with a fitness specialist. It should be use as a general guide. 

This Training routines Excel template has the following features:

  • Works on Windows or Macintosh.
  • Works on Excel 2010 or later versions
  • Work on Excel 2016 for Macintosh
  • Navigation Menu with buttons to facilitate customer data input, Training plan design and progress monitoring.
  • Fully customizable Excel template to add as many additional exercises you require.
  • Includes images of exercises and graphs for weekly monitoring (several aspects)