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Premium Expenses and Income Control for Businesses Template

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Control with Excel in a very simple way the income and expenses of your company.

Record all your daily expenses and income and check to see if you’ve reached your profit target that month. Allows you to control the tax independently.

Includes a monthly summary with graphs to help you control your money, download the Excel template and track your expenses and income!


Record all your income and expenses and easily track your earnings with Excel! With this simple Excel template you can record daily how much you earn and spend and quickly see how much you earn per month.  You will be able to register your taxes independently so that you can have a view of how much of your income and expenditure corresponds to taxes.

This Excel template is ideal for small businesses or freelancers who want to have a simplified and realistic view of the income and expenses that occur over the weeks and months. You will also be able to record your income forecast and see if you meet the objective you have set yourself.

Control your company's expenses and income with this Excel template

The Excel template contains a navigation menu with buttons that will make it very easy to use. It also has four views (daily view, monthly view, monthly balance and summary view) in which you can see all the information you are recording in a summarized way.

It also contains an Excel Dashboard where you can see a comparison of your monthly income, expenses and whether you have met your target earnings goals.

With Excel you can keep track of your company's income and expenses in a very simple way. 

Features of the Excel template for controlling expenses and revenues for companies:

  • Excel template suitable for PC's. Not suitable for MAC's.
  • Valid for Excel versions equal to or later than 2013.
  • Top navigation menu between Excel sheets that will make it very easy to use
  • Record of daily income and expenses
  • Weekly, monthly and annual summary views.
  • Excel dashboard for the control of income and expenses. It allows you to compare monthly how much has been deposited and how much has been spent and includes a speedometer to check if you have met your earnings target.


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